The Story of JP and Beyond

Jonason started “Jonason’s Movies” in 2008 when he was, like, 13 or 14. He’s especially proud of his flowy hair at that age as seen in the first few videos.

Jesse Perrotta first appeared in a video when he triumphantly rode a bike into a shot with a cardboard E.T. in the basket in front… the video “80’s Movie Tribute” was for a Rhett and Link contest back when they were the best thing on YouTube. We didn’t win, but Link left a comment on the video and now-a-days that would never happen... so that's cool I guess.

The name changed to “JP and Beyond” when the two realized that Jesse wasn’t going anywhere or getting any credit and putting in a lot of work. Since our initials are both “JP”, and we want to make things “beyond” just Toy Story, it seems to work.  Jesse is a *permanent* fixture now. The channel belongs to both of us.

We live in the East Valley of Arizona.  Yes, it's hot here most of the time.

*Jesse could still do something incredibly dumb and get kicked off the team. Jonason could hypothetically be kicked off the team, but I don’t see any situation where that would happen.